Our privacy policy can update at any time, please check back regularly for changes.

1. Information we collect from you:

Any personal information (Name, Email, Tel No.) provided in our "Contact Us" or "Schedule An Appointment" forms, will only be used for the service you have requested. This data will never be sold or passed onto third parties.

We automatically log your IP address when you visit our website. This data is collected anonymously and can not identify you as an individual. The data is used to help us understand how long a user is spent on our site, which pages have been viewed and the browser used.

Cookies are not used on our website.

2. External websites

We own no responsibility if you are to encounter any problems when leaving our site via external links (HMRC, Facebook, Twitter), nor their content. Our privacy policy does not cover such websites, therefore you leave our site at your own discretion via external links.

3. Testimonials

Your name and testimonial entered in our "Testimonials" form will be visible to the public. Your email address is not shown, this will only be used for our records and will never be passed onto anyone. You may enter your name, initials or company name within the name field, however as this is shown to the public you may wish to stay anonymous.

Submitted testimonials are reviewed before being published to our website, to ensure that they are not offensive and do not display any personal information.